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Oberon 3 - Single Issue

Oberon 3 - Single Issue


August 2017

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Oberon 3 features two sections: a four-article section edited by poet, fiction writer, editor, and New Narrative theorist Robert Glück, and a ten-article section edited by artists nova Milne.

Opening with an extract from Glück’s unpublished biography, the first section started with a focus on Bay Area writers and, through the happenstance of editorial conversations, echoes the themes outlined in nova Milne’s section.

nova Milne have started with touch, and with an overarching nod to David Cronenberg’s ‘new flesh’, what happens at the moment you touch the archive, touch as gesture, as a conjurer, healer, and conduit of knowledge, and the hand as the starting point for the transference of information.

The edition features contributions by: Brandon Brown, Philip Brophy, Claire Evans, Rob Halpern, Robert Glück, Adam Jasper, Boru O’brien O’Connell, Alexander Provan, Dorion Sagan, Jocelyn Saidenberg, Mark von Schlegell, Amelia Stein, Alexander Tovberg, and Jameson Webster with Marcus Coelen.